Your boat – from start to finish

From initial order to final shipping - your boat is looked after by our craftsmen and quality management system every step of the way, before being finished to a superior standard in our modern halls. A range of models and options to suit every need. The choice is yours, but remember, whichever Nord Star you pick it will always be handcrafted in Finland.

Prepared with care

The best products start with the best raw ingredients. Only the finest materials on the market are selected for your boat from our warehouse.

Every detail checked

Your boat looks beautiful! Just the final quality check – part of our quality management system that follows the manufacturing of the boats during the whole production process – and then she’s ready to go. During the final review we check the boat's overall appearance and assembly. All this is carefully done to ensure she looks and performs exceptionally, for you and for all our customers around the world!

She will soon be with you...

Your boat has passed inspection with flying colours and final preparations can now be made for transportation by our experienced logistics partner. She’s on her way!

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